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RAD CYCLE FIT started out as Rad Coaching in 2000, and was originally setup to assist the Rad Multisports Club with a qualified Triathlon Coach. With a change to the off-road scene in 2007 I added Mountain Bike Coach and Personal Trainer to my qualifications. I have always offered bicycle fitting and setup, and has always been a favorite part of the business for me, especially the Time Trial - Triathlon position, so when I decided not to carry on with the hands on Coaching part of the business, I changed to Rad Cycle Fit which seemed a more appropriate name for the business of bicycle fitting and fitness.


Bike fitting is a very personal thing, and I really believe that a computer cannot give you the ultimate fitting. So with a basic setup to start, it can then be adjusted to suit the type and style of riding each individual will be doing. Each individual's flexibility is such a major part of how the bike is setup. All bike fits should start with the feet first then work up to saddle and handlebars. This is why I have added a larger range of BikeFit products, which contain cleat wedges, leg length shims and in the shoe wedges to help correct feet position and leg discrepancies.