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Rad Cyclery came from my passion for going fast on two wheels, which started in my early days on a Honda XR75, at Wheelstanders, to the more suited, Trailblazers Flat track, then onto a Suzuki GSXR750, track days and road racing at Lakeside. I went from D-Grade to B-Grade in 3 years due to track time and the fitness I gained through Mountain Biking and Triathlon. I raced with some of the best at the time, like Josh McFarlane, Anthony West and Chris Vermeulen just to name drop a few.

The idea for the bike shop, came to me while working and racing for a motorcycle shop and servicing bicycles from my home workshop. At the time there wasn't many multi-sport shops, so after the moto shop was sold, I thought it was a good time to open a shop at Springwood in late 1998 and we soon established it as one of the leading multi-sport shops in South East Qld. We moved to a better location at Loganholme in 2004 and although we continued as a multi-sport shop, we moved towards mountain biking, due to my own racing. The shop kept growing, and as I ran it myself, I really needed a break, and  was tempted back to the moto industry. I closed the shop mid 2012, not realizing it would be temporary, as the moto industry wasn't the same as it used to be and I missed my own shop. I re-opened in 2016 as a workshop, although it's looking more like a bike shop every day, especially with the re-introduction of Scott bicycles at the start of November 2017.

Rad Cyclery hours of operation:

  • Monday and Sunday - Closed
  • Tuesday to Friday - 12pm to 5pm
  • Saturday - 10am to 2pm

Rad Cyclery sales and services:

  • Bicycle Sales, Repairs and Servicing
  • Suspension Sales, Repairs, Servicing and Setup
  • Wheels, Tyres and Tubes Sales, Repairs and Servicing
  • Component Parts and Accessories Sales

Rad Coaching started in 2000, after I completed the Level 1 Triathlon Coaching accreditation to assist the members of our multisports club. The club had nearly 50 members at one time, which included a few shop sponsored athletes competing around the world, in Road, Mountain Bike and Triathlon. The members raced in some really cool places, throughout Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Vanuatu, Hawaii, Canada and Europe.

I originally started out as a Learn to Swim Teacher in 1995, updating this to Teacher of Competitive Swimming in 2011, became a Personal Trainer in 2012, a Level 1 Mountain Bike Coach in 2015 and updated my Level 1 Triathlon accreditation in 2017.

I complete the business with many years experience bicycle fitting and setting up riders & triathletes in the best possible position. I have also spent a lot of time using the CompuTrainer, for power testing and training, so it's turned into a real high performance coaching business. We are also in discussion with local venues to hold regular triathlon training sessions, which will go with our regular mountain bike training sessions and rides.

Please note that I am available on a freelance basis for any club in South East Qld, whether it's for mountain bike coaching or triathlon coaching and can assist with regular sessions, holiday sessions or part time / permanent sessions. I can also be a guest speaker or motivator for club or team meetings (monthly or annually).    

Rad Coaching hours of operation:

  • Monday to Friday by appointment only
  • Saturday - 7am to 9am Mountain Bike Ride, Bayview Conservation (Days Road)
  • Sunday - 7am to 12pm Various     

    Rad Coaching services:

    • Mountain Bike Coaching
    • Triathlon Coaching
    • Bike Fitting and Setup
    • Heart Rate / Power Testing and Training
    • Indoor Training Sessions are also Available

    (Please check our FaceBook Page for details on planned Training Sessions and Rides)

    If you require any further assistance or info please don't hesitate to contact me.
    • Mobile 0412 782 111
    • Email