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A correct fitting bicycle is essential for comfort, safety, injury prevention, & peak performance. We use the BikeFit system & tools to get you in the correct position. We use the CompuTrainer to assist in this process, with the added benefit of wattage, & pedal torque readings, like Spin Scan.

The usual BikeFit consists of:

  • Static (measurements at rest)
  • Dynamic (measurements while pedaling)
There are three main points, including the items that make the contact are:
  • Feet - (Shoes) - Pedals
  • Pelvis - (Clothing) - Saddle
  • Hands - (Gloves) - Bars

The first point of contact is between the Feet (Shoes) & Pedals. Cleat positioning, is the most important part of this step, with wedges & shims enabling the cycling shoe to connect with the pedal naturally.

The second point of contact is between the Pelvis (Clothing) & Saddle. The saddle position is probably the most important part of any BikeFit & can sometimes be the most troublesome.

The third point of contact is between the Hands (Gloves) & Handlebars. The position of the bars is probably the most personal in all of the BikeFit process, as there are so many variables to help deliver the best position for comfort & performance.

BikeFit Items Covered:

  • BikeFit Questionnaire
  • Flexibility Testing
  • Body Measurements
  • Cleat & Foot Position
  • Static Fit
  • Testing & Adjusting
  • Dynamic Fit
For any more info please don't hesitate to contact me.

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