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Bicycle Fitting is essential for comfort, safety, injury prevention, & of course peak performance. We mainly use the BikeFit system & tools to get you in the correct position. We also have a CompuTrainer setup to assist in this process, which has the benefit of readout for wattage & pedal torque readings, like Spin Scan, so we can check your power output in various positions.

The usual BikeFit consists of:

  • Static (measurements at rest)
  • Dynamic (measurements while pedaling)
There are three main points, including the items that (make) the contact are:
  • Feet - (Shoes) - Pedals
  • Pelvis - (Clothing) - Saddle
  • Hands - (Gloves) - Bars

The first point of contact is between the Feet (Shoes) & Pedals. Cleat positioning, is the most important part of this step, with wedges & shims enabling the cycling shoe to connect with the pedal naturally. This is included in the Race and Aero BikeFits, although isn't included in the Sport BikeFit.

The second point of contact is between the Pelvis (Clothing) & Saddle. The saddle position is probably the most important part of any BikeFit & can sometimes be the most troublesome. This is where it starts on the Sport BikeFit.

The third point of contact is between the Hands (Gloves) & Handlebars. The position of the bars is probably the most personal in all of the BikeFit process, as there are so many variables to help deliver the best position for comfort & performance. This can be the big difference between a comfortable position and an uncomfortable position. I have always said, that there is no point being aero and racy, if you have to keep sitting up due to being uncomfortable.

With all the measurements and angles we can use in a bicycle fitting, these won't be any good at all, if you have purchased the wrong size bike from the start.


Bicycle Sizing is completely different to Bicycle Fitting, as it is the process of taking the measurements of a rider and applying those measurements to match the rider to the correct bike size. Where Bicycle Fitting is fitting the rider to their current bike, whether it's the correct size or not.


The Cycle Fit Plan is a basic program to help assist you with building strength and fitness along with some overall body toning.

It's always great to be able to ride your bike for hours, although the performance and injury prevention you would get if your core was tuned to match your cardio.

 For any more info please don't hesitate to contact me.

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