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Training for endurance multisport events, like Xterra, an off-road Triathlon Series can be quite considerable as we have to combine all three disciplines to improve, with the bike being the most time consuming. Interval training is the most common & usually the most over-done, with the popular 'brick' session, which involves training back to back with two or more disciplines, usually a pool swim followed by a mag trainer session, or a 'run off the bike' is probably the most important. These sessions are important for the all multisport athletes, although strength training & conditioning is more than likely the most neglected.

A week of training for an Olympic distance Xterra, could be 30k's of swimming, 500k's of cycling & 40k's of running, sometimes holding down a day job.

In training for mountain bike events, whether they are short or marathon events, we have to combine more than just riding the bike, we have to include skills, fitness, power & finally endurance. Interval training is a big part for cross country events, although not as important for endurance events. We require many different types of sessions, although strength training & conditioning is more than likely the most neglected as it is in most sports.

A week of training for an Olympic distance Mountain Bike event, could include up to 1000k's of cycling and would usually be mostly road, with some strength type gym sessions, then add in a Marathon Event, or 12 or 24hr then you could expect a lot bigger workload.

We offer a variety of ways to get you better at any multisport or mountain bike event and like most coaches, we offer training plans. Training plans are perfect for those that have been regularly competing, although may have lost their way, like not improving, or just need some structure in their hap-hazzard training regime.

  • Initial Plan Setup (meeting, questionaire, performance tests) if required.
  • 1 Monthly Plans
  • 3 Monthly Plans
  • 6 Monthly Plans

Please note that all plans can include a one on one session, for a performance evaluation.

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