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Planted-Powered Recovery

Any time is a good time for this nutrient-dense Vegan Protein bar. Vegans and omnivores alike take pleasure in meeting their protein needs with these delicious bars. The Chocolate Peanut is smooth and sweet and is sometimes compared to vegan peanut butter cups!, yummy. They also offer a potent blend of healthy plant-based proteins from Sacha Inchi, pea, and pumpkin. Just like standard Hammer Bars, they’re as healthy as you can get: vegan, non-GMO, and soy, gluten and grain-free. We love everything about the Vegan Protein bars!

  • Minimizes post-exercise soreness
  • Repairs lean muscle tissue
  • Delicious, wholesome ingredients
  • 14-15 grams of superior plant protein
  • 57grams per bar
  • Available individually or boxes of 12

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