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The Heart Rate Monitor was invented by Seppo Säynäjäkangas (Polar) in 1977 & have been available to the public since the early 80's. Heart rate technology has always been the most affordable personal monitoring device on the market.

We have been using Polar products for over 15 years & remain my preferred heart rate monitoring system. I have listed some tests we can perform, or an individual can perform themselves.

  • Basal or Resting Heart Rate
  • Max Heart Rate
  • Lactate Threshold

Heart Rate is different to pulse, heart rate is the number of times the heart contracts or beats per minute (bpm). Pulse is the mechanical pulse of blood flow through the capillaries caused by the contractions of the heart per minute.

Basal or Resting Heart Rate is defined as the heart rate when a person is awake, in a neutral environment & has not undergone any recent exertion, stress or stimulation.

Max Heart Rate is the highest heart rate an individual can achieve, usually during a cardiac stress test monitored by an ECG. It has been the standard where training zones are set, although anaerobic or lactate threshold, is now being used more widely.

Lactate Threshold is defined as the point during increasing intensity at which blood lactate begins to accumulate above resting levels & where lactate clearance is no longer able to keep up with lactate production. It is generally expressed as a percentage of an individuals Vo2 max & can occur between 50-60% in untrained individuals, or 70-80% of Vo2 max in highly trained individuals. The lactate threshold can be increased with the correct training & is usually where most of the performance gains come from. Vo2 Max is the maximum rate at which the heart, lungs & muscles can effectively use oxygen during exercise & is used to measure an individual's aerobic capacity.


The Power Meter is a device on a bicycle or piece of equipment that measures the power output of the rider. Power equals the force times the distance over time & measured in watts. Power meters have only become more affordable in the last few years, since their invention by Schoberer Rad Messtechnik (SRM) in 1986.

We use the world re-known CompuTrainer in our studio, as it's remained the unrivaled Gold Standard of indoor cycle training for over 30 years. It's hand assembled in the USA, with every unit built to exacting specifications for lab-tested accuracy & reliability.

All One on One Test sessions are between 45minutes & 1hour in duration, allowing for changes to setup or habit if required.

  • Spin Scan Pedaling session
  • Max Power / Standard Power Zone Test session
  • FTP (Functional Threshold Power) Test session

One of the main problems comparing heart rate with power is Cardiac Drift. Cardiac drift is characterized by an increasing heart rate while maintaining a steady power output. So just remember, that Power is instant, while Heart rate lags !


With the CompuTrainers hooked up to the laptop, we can access various training options, from the very basic CompuTrainer programs to the ErgVideo downloads.

  • Racer Mate Standard Power Sessions
  • Real Course Video Sessions
  • ErgVideo Virtual Sessions

The length of time per session can vary and can be adjusted to suit each individual or groups up to 4.

  • Racer Mate Power Sessions (1hr)
  • Real Course Video Sessions (1-6hrs)
  1. Alcatraz Triathlon
  2. Australian
  3. Hawaii Ironman
  • ErgVideo Virtual Sessions (1-2hrs)
  1. Mt.Ventoux
  2. Passo Stelvio

    The options we provide are:

    • Single 1 Person (1 visit) Power Session
    • Group  2-4 Person (1 visit) Real Course / Erg Video Session

    The Indoor Trainer, apart from the usual option for training in inclement weather, it has many other benefits, including.

    • Training can be completed outside of normal ride times
    • Enables an effective workout in a shorter period of time, no stopping or coasting
    • More specific with sessions & structured with training plans
    • Repeating workouts consistently & measure improvements
    • Assist in better technique, through concentration & specific drills
    • Perfect your bike fit (try, then adjust etc.)
    • Mental preparation for longer events
    • Train on profile of upcoming event (if available)
    • Ride some of the best courses around

    For any further info or session bookings, please contact us.

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