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Multisports has always meant many sports, although as a fan of mountain biking and triathlon, it of course means the ultimate multisport event, Xterra. So with many years of mountain biking and triathlon training and racing, combining these two sports was certainly the way to go for me and it has become very rewarding as a coach. It's not just about the high level of fitness we require to compete in these two endurance sports, it's also about the technique we require to compete.

Mountain Biking

A Mountain Bike, or MTB is a bicycle created for off-road cycling. Since their development in the early 70's, like the 'Klunkers' as they were called from Marin County, there has been a significant technological change. Mountain Bikes are generally ridden on single tracks, trails & fire roads, which include dirt, gravel, rocks, tree roots, washouts, steep ascents & descents. There are many forms of Mountain Biking, although I have only listed the main competitive events here.

  • Cross Country
  • Marathon
  • Enduro
  • Downhill

Each of these forms place different demands on the bike & require different components & levels of suspension travel. Cross Country & Downhill are at either end of the Mountain Bike scene & usually the most specialized. Cross Country bikes are usually built with the latest & lightest components possible, especially when the event is dominated by ascending. Downhill bikes are usually built tough, with also the latest & toughest components for descending. The latest craze, is the 'Enduro', which includes both Uphill & Downhill, although the uphill section isn't timed, it however does have time limits. So the quicker you get up, you have more time to recover for going as fast as possible on the the timed down part.

Suspension travel might have been the biggest decision previously, wheel sizes have taken over the decision making at the moment.

  • 26" The Old Timer - quickest steerer, easiest on switchbacks, gets stuck on obstacles, nervous on rocky descents & virtually non existent at races.
  • 27.5 (650b) The Tweener - quick steering, easy on switchbacks, gets over more obstacles & descends a lot better than the 26".
  • 29" (29'er) Wagon Wheel - slower steering, harder on switchbacks, they monsters obstacles & are super fast on rocky descents & fire roads.

Triathlon (On & Off-Road)

A triathlon is a multisport event, with three continuous & sequential disciplines. Swim, Bike & Run, whether it's on-road or off-road. The main change for the two options is the road or triathlon bike is swapped for a mountain bike, either a hardtail or duallie. Competitors compete over a course, which include transitions between the disciplines & it's all about being the fastest over the three combined.

The nature of the sport focuses on persistent and often periodized training in each of the three disciplines, as well as combination workouts, called bricks & should always consist of some form of strength conditioning.


We offer a variety of ways to get your better at mountain biking or triathlon. Like a lot of coaches, we offer training plans, although I do prefer to be more one-on-one and prefer to get you out riding and learning the basics. We believe to be good or even just enjoy mountain biking or triathlon, you require some form of fitness, strength and technical skills. It's pretty common to find riders stumbling on basic riding skills, although their fitness is really good.

  • Fitness and Circuit Sessions
  • Strength and Conditioning Sessions
  • General Riding and Skills Sessions
  • Monthly Coaching Plans

We offer coaching sessions, incorporating skills, from 1hr to 1/2 day, for most fitness & skill levels, whether it's a casual ride or full on endurance training ride. We have some of the best mountain bike parks & trail networks in South East Qld, all within an hour drive.

  • Daisy Hill - Cornubia
  • Bayview - Redlands
  • Nerang - Hinze Dam - Mt.Joyce

Training for endurance events, can be quite considerable as we have to combine sometimes up to three disciplines to improve, with the bike being the most time consuming. Interval training is the most common & usually the most over-done & although these sessions are important for any endurance athlete, strength training & conditioning is more than likely the most neglected part of any program.

A week of training for an Olympic distance Multisport athlete, could be 30k's of swimming, 500k's of cycling & 40k's of running, sometimes with a day job.

In training for mountain bike events, whether they are short explosive cross country or the longer marathon events & even stage races, we have to combine more than just riding the bike. We have to include skills, fitness, power & endurance. Interval training is a big part for cross country events, although not as important for endurance events. We require many different types of sessions, although strength training & conditioning is more than likely the most neglected as it is in most sports.

A week of training for an Olympic distance Mountain Bike event, could include up to 1000k's of cycling and would usually be mostly road, with some strength type gym sessions, then add in a Marathon Event, or 12 or 24hr then you could expect a lot bigger workload.

We offer a variety of ways to get you better at any multisport, cycling or mountain bike event and like most coaches, we offer training plans. Training plans are perfect for those that have been regularly riding or competing, although may have lost their way, like not improving, or just need some structure in their hap-hazzard training regime.

  • Monthly Plans


We also offer a strength & fitness training plan for most multisport or mountain bikers. I always recommend some form of weight resistance program to coincide with a normal periodisation plan. When we get older, our bodies need help to keep in good form. Cycling in general shortens the muscles & certainly isn't the best for our backs & necks. So we need some help to keep our core & strength up. We can use this type of plan in the off-season, although most don't like to be off the bike for too long, so this can be used as part of your usual cycling plan.

  • Multisport Specific Strength / Fitness Plan
  • PT Session should be included as a Performance & Fitness Evaluation

This plan can be used in your own gym, studio or while your at your local gym.

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