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Polar M400 - GPS running watch. Polar M400 is a waterproof GPS running watch and daily fitness tracker. It can help you plan optimal training, break your records, and even find your way back from a run. Advanced GPS - The M400’s built-in GPS keeps track of your pace, distance and altitude. With the “Back to start” feature you can safely explore new routes. Activity tracking - The M400 tracks your steps, activity, sleep and calories 24/7, encouraging you to stay active every day.Heart rate training - Heart rate training is one of the most effective training methods. Take advantage of it by using a Polar H7 heart rate sensor. Running cadence from the wrist – you are able to keep an eye on your running cadence to improve your running efficiency and avoid injuries. Predict your event finish times - Based on your long-term progress, Running Index analysis predicts your event finish times for 5K, 10K, half marathon and marathon runs. Polar Flow - Plan, sync and share your training using the exclusive Polar Flow online service and mobile application. All data is easily viewable. Smart Notifications - Smart Notifications allow you to see notifications from your phone directly on the screen of your M400. Individual targets - You can set your own individual training targets and follow your progress towards them using Polar Flow.

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