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The RK Takasago Company first began production of it's motorcycle chains as far back as 1953, and since then the name RK has been synonymous with quality.

RK Takasago chain has also been researching and developing high performance sealed-ring chains for use on modern motorcycles for over thirty years.


It is extremely important to maintain your chain correctly to achieve the maximum life expectancy of your roller type drive chain. No matter what brand or type of chain you purchase, it will not last if it is incorrectly maintained.

Always follow factory recommendations for chain adjustments. Adjust your chain alignment and tension to the OEM specifications. After fitting a new chain, it should be checked and adjusted after the first 50 km's and then after every 250 km's.

Cleaning is a crucial step in maintaining your chain. It should be cleaned every 500 km's or less, depending on the conditions. It is important to remove grime from around the link plates and rollers, using a good quality chain cleaner, then it's important to lubricate the chain regularly, as much as every 250 km's or less, depending again on conditions.


  • RK's MXZ/4 chain features chromoly steel construction with seamless rollers and bushings, and oversized special alloy pins for added strength.
  • All components are heat treated using RK's exclusive HIT (Heat Induction Transfer) process.

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