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Most sports require some form of strength training and should always start with core stability. The core isn't just about doing sit-ups or crunches to get that six pack. The core is defined by how well you can stabilize your upper body on your lower body. So we need strong legs, mid section and upper body to perform to our best at most sports.

This is where Personal Training can assist & the main reason why I completed my Certificate III and IV in Fitness to become a Personal Trainer. Apart from the usual PT expectations of, weight management, weight lifting & bodybuilding, it can assist in strength training and of course rehabilitation from day to day, or sports related injuries. As a Triathlon & Mountain Bike Coach, it is perfect to start the Periodization Plan in the Preparation Phase, knowing what exercises are required for each sport. 

The sessions we incorporate in our training plans are not bodybuilding sessions, although you might build some size in areas, due to weight resistance training.

All the multisports we specialize in, require strength training.

  • Mountain Biking
  • Road Cycling
  • On-Road Triathlon
  • Off-Road Triathlon

Please contact us for further info and session times.

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