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Certified Organic Flora Gradual Tan Body Lotion.

If you want that awesome cycling tan, but don't want to put in the km's on the bike to get it, you can customise your tan while providing extra moisturisation without being on the bike. It's like buying an eBike so you don't have to put in the hard, blood sweat and tears to get out and ride the bike. 

The Zuii body lotion allows you to gradually tan your skin while the combination of their pure and organic ingredients makes your skin radiantly glow of healthiness, without baking in the sun. It's infused with Bamboo Juice, Raw Cacao, Shea Butter and Sunflower Oil, this product will naturally restore the skin’s softness and provide intense hydration. This creamy lotion is ideal to use even as a daily moisturiser as not only does it improve the skin, it will leave you with an aroma of floral and citrus blend.

You can achieve your desired sun-kissed glow the most natural, safest and easiest way with Zuii Certified Organic.

  • Available in 8.45oz / 250ml
  • Made in Australia
  • Certified Organic

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