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This is our General Service & a step up from the Basic Service, as we start removing parts to service, with greasing, so it is more time consuming.

This is Recommended at 2-3 Yearly Intervals, or Yearly if you ride regularly.

  • Clean & Lube Chain
  • Adjust Gears & Brakes
  • Tighten Shifters & Levers
  • Grease & Tighten Headset
  • Grease & Tighten Stem, Bars, Post & Saddle
  • Grease & Tighten Pedals, Crank & BB
  • True Wheels on Bike
  • Check Tyres & Inflate Tubes
  • Clean & Detail to Finish off

Please note

Prices include oils & lubes, but do not include any parts.

This service includes for the wheels to be trued on the bike, although if for any reason this cannot be completed successfully, I will notify you. This could be due to wheels being to bad for truing on the bike & may need to be trued off bike. It could also be that the nipples & spokes are seized, or nipples are situated inside the rim.

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