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This is our Full Service for Dual Suspension Mountain Bikes & is the most extensive of all of our service options as the bicycle gets stripped down to frame, removing the swingarm to clean, lube, grease and service correctly.

This is recommended for 1-2 yearly intervals if the bike gets used in all weather conditions. It is also ideal if the bike has been stored for long periods, or has just been purchased without knowing it's service history.

  • Remove Inner Cables
  • Remove Groupset & Wheels
  • Remove Stem, Bars, Fork & Headset
  • Remove Shock and Linkages where possible
  • Clean Frame, Swingarm, Fork & all the Parts
  • Grease Headset & Refit Fork, Stem & Bars
  • Grease Linkages, Pivots & Refit Shock
  • Grease & Refit Groupset
  • True Wheels where possible
  • Check & Adjust Tyre Seating & Inflate Tubes
  • Final Hand Clean & Detail


    • Prices include oils, lubes & gear inner cables.
    • This does not include any other parts.
    • All parts are removed off the bike.

    This is a good time to replace worn or sticky grips.

    This is also a good time to complete that suspension service. 

    This service includes the wheels to be trued off the bike if required, although if this cannot be completed successfully, I will notify you ASAP. This could be due to the wheels being in too bad a condition for truing, either rim being damaged or nipples seized.

    These Services do not include e-bikes !

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