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With over 30 years of experience producing suspension, SR SUNTOUR is proud to be continually evolving and innovating to provide the best possible value performance for the full spectrum of the cycling world. As this spectrum expands so does the reach, the lives affected, and the stories created. Getting people on bikes is the ultimate mission, which they hope and believe invariably improves the life of each rider. They are cyclists alike; it’s the shared experience that they truly rejoice in. Incorporating cycling into the daily routine or commute, or simply taking the time out of our busy lives to go for a bike ride, adds a richness to life that all riders experience for themselves. Creating the highest possible performance and value for all levels of cycling is the core philosophy behind REFINED SIMPLICITY. The final outcome are the meaningful experiences had by people all over the world.  At the end of the day, it comes down to the ride- the common experience we share as cyclists in the freedom of riding a bike. "So pedal, descend, rip, shred, send, and cruise- the ride is yours.”


Fork Seals / Dust Wipers

  • 28mm Internal
  • 36mm External
  • FAA12540
  • 30mm Internal
  • 39mm External
  • FAA07010
  • 32mm Internal
  • 41mm External
  • FAA16920
  • 32mm Internal
  • 41mm External
  • FAA16930
  • 34mm Internal
  • 43.5mm External
  • FAA390


  • Sold as pairs only
  • Made for Suntour, although can fit other Brands

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